Sales Validations – Final Number Confirmation

– By Default all Transactions are shown as approved on PayOOM panel.
– At month end we send all recorded transactions to respective merchants and they provide us status
for each and every transactions.
– Final Status of all Transactions of Previous month will be confirmed by last day of current month for e.g. For Sales/leads done in May,all numbers will be validated by 30th June. ( Except some campaigns where Merchant have 30 days return policy)
– You can check status of every transaction on PayOOM panel by downloading you conversion sheet for previous month or you can get in touch with your Account Manager for details.

Payments Cycle to Affiliates

PayOOM works on NET 30 to NET60 days Payments Cycle from month end, ( Varies from Campaign to Campaign)
– You will get Payments in 30 days after Validations ( final number confirmation)
– Payment of Validated numbers are sent in first five days of Next month. E.g For Sales/leads done in May, numbers will be validated by 30th June and Payments will be done in first five days of August.

Payment Thresholds

Payment Threshold and Mode for Indian Publishers

To get paid your minimum invoice should be of INR.3000. We pay all Indian Publishers via NEFT/RTGS (Bank Transfer).

Payment Threshold and Mode for International Publishers

For international Publishers our minimum threshold is USD 200. We offer International Publishers option to get paid via Paypal or Wire.

Please Note : Please note Paypal charges and wire charges if more than 1% of total commission will  be deducted from Affiliate Commission.For all payments via Wire Transfer, an invoice is mandatory.


Service Tax

For all Campaigns expect CPC campaigns or Branding campaign where merchant do not pay service Tax, PayOOM will pay service tax as applicable.


  • Once you get your confirmed numbers please send us a soft copy as well as hard copy of Invoice with your service tax number.
  • Please reach your account manager for any details.


Payoom deducts a TDS @ 2% for companies registered in India and 1% for individuals with valid PAN card number.
Please Note -: PAN card Number is mandatory for Payments, Payments will be on hold or there will be a deduction of 20% TDS if PAN card is not provided.

International Affiliates – There will be no Tax deduction for International Publishers,if they submit Non-establishment form in India else 25% will be deducted. Please reach your account manager for exact details.