What is deep-linking?

Deep linking is a process of making a hyperlink to send a user to a specific page inside a website, instead of website’s index or home page. In most of the cases the standard tracking url that a affiliate get is for Home Page whereas for affiliate websites its vital to send a user to specific product

pages and for doing this deep linking is used. Deep linking is primarily used for websites with hundreds to thousands of products or services.

For eg  -:

Standard url -:  http://www.zovi.com

Deeplinked Url -:  http://www.zovi.com/womens-tops


How can I pass a custom url in the tracking link or How can I create a deep link for an offer using my Payoom Dashboard?


  1. Go to offer creative page and click on Add website
  2. Now in the Add website box enter the URL (add standard UTM parameters) for the specific page you want to direct traffic to. Click add to create your deep link.


How do I know what are the UTM parameters for an offer?


Step 1) Generate standard tracking URL (default text link ) of the merchant from PaYoom panel

e.g. http://tracking.payoom.com/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1002

Step 2 ) Open the standard tracking URL in the browser. The landing page URL may have some parameters starting from (?) sign.Note down these parameters



How can I manually create Deep links on PayooM?

Deeplink = standard code+&url+encoded destination page with UTM parameters


Step 1 ) Note down UTM parameters

Step 2 ) Append them at the end of the destination page URL, a user needs to be sent to

eg. Destination Url     http://zovi.com/mens-shirts

Destination Url with UTM    -:     http://zovi.com/mens-shirts?ccode=pym&utm_source=pym&utm_medium=AFF&utm_content=offer&utm_campaign=default

Step 3) Encode the url (or make tinyurl ) , you can use the tool for encoding ( http://meyerweb.com/eric/tools/dencoder)

Step 4) Add this url after your standard tracking code using connector &url=

e.g. http://tracking.payoom.com/aff_c?offer_id=6&aff_id=1002&url=http%3A%2F%2Fzovi.com%2Fmens-shirts%3Fccode%3Dpym%26utm_source%3Dpym%26utm_medium%3DAFF%26utm_content%3Doffer%26utm_campaign%3Ddefault%0A